West Orange First Aid Squad Emergency Medical Service

The West Orange First Aid Squad (WOFAS) serves the Township of West Orange in Essex County New Jersey. 

Our predominantly volunteer staff maintains our fleet of four, NJ State certified ambulances; attends to all the record keeping and legal requirements of being a State licensed EMS agency; and most importantly, responds to 9-1-1 traumatic and medical emergencies some 2,500 times each year. 

The members of the WOFAS wish to thank West Orange for the support that allows us to do what we love to do.  What we've done for more than a half a century and continue to do - to be here when you need us most - when you or a loved one is sick or injured.

​The members you see helping at motor vehicle accidents, responding to your neighbor's chest pain, or standing by at local sporting and community events are just a few of the WOFAS members.

Who We Are

Serving the Township's EMS needs since 1963.
WOFAS is comprised of Riding Members, Trainees, Associate Members, and Trustees. 

WOFAS receives strong support from our Mayor Robert Parisi, the Township Council, and every one of the town agencies, especially the West Orange Fire Department and West Orange Police Department who we work with most closely.  We could not be ready when we're needed without their help and encouragement.
​The biggest thanks of all goes to YOU, the residents of West Orange, who allow us to remain and continue as a non-profit emergency service by supporting us with your donations and your good wishes.  We remain truly grateful for the privilege of serving you!